Messzehangzó Tehetségek Alapítvány (Resounding Talents Foundation) was established in Hungary in 2008 for providing knowledge for socio-culturally underprivileged children with outstanding abilities, inaccessible for them under other conditions, giving free, thematic talent management program as per their needs. Artistic and scientific talent development program mainly aims at enabling children with difficulties in their everyday life, exploring and recognizing their capacities, providing the possibility for trying themselves, to use their knowledge, to show their creativity, to utilize most efficiently their possibilities and to become creative, well-balanced personalities of our society.

In our talent care methodology, the principle of complexity and the development of personality have key emphasis, and so do the project method and the programs on the topic of specifically self-knowledge and personality development. The playful, interactive, out-of-school programs provide opportunities for the children to expand their area of interests and to develop their special abilities, self-assessment and creativity. During the programs we strive to pass the knowledge supplementing the school material with non-formal methods in a loving and secure atmosphere. On the classes we regard the children as partners, the assisting adult and child are not in the classic sub- or superordinate relationship but are cooperating parties. Among the aims of the Foundation, there is a prominent role for the organization of the self-knowledge, personality-enriching and social networking programmes and the involvement of parents and their sensitization for the topic and to provide comprehensive knowledge for them.

In 2016, the Ministry of Human Capacities awarded Bonis Bona – For the Talents of the Nation – excellent talent manager organization award to the Foundation’s methodological work of its own development. In 2018 the Foundation became a member of the European Talent Points network and its program has received excellently accredited qualification for the third time from the Association of Hungarian Talent Support Organizations (MATEHETSZ). During the talent care of the past 10 years, in 24 camps, there were 760 cross-border and Hungarian children, 1500 children participated in the in-term thematized programs and 105 were received scholarship.

The foundation constantly seeks contact with the players of professional, civil, education and for-profit fields, strives to cooperate with them.

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